Where to travel to next in Europe?

International travelers may soon be able to travel to Europe as EU countries are starting to re-open their borders after the strict border restrictions and non-essential travel rules.

Countries such as Italy, Sweden, Belgium and Iceland are starting to open up for international tourists

Starting next week, you will be able to eat your way through Italy, sail along the Albanian Riviera and take a hike in one of Austria’s many national parks as the countries will open their borders for international travelers.

Albania and Italy are likely to reopen their borders on in the beginning of June. Greece is likely to reopen their border in the beginning of July.

The following countries are likely to reopen their borders on 15th June

Austria‘s border is already open (You must take a COVID-19 test upon arrival. It costs 190 EUR)

You will soon be able to visit Europe’s favorite destinations again

Learn more about the EU’s border re-openings here

**The above information is subject to change due to the uncertainty of the development of COVID-19 in the above listed countries.