Everything you need to know when traveling in the COVID-19 pandemic

Amid travel restrictions in this pandemic, there are still some lucky travelers who are able to travel via airplanes. But, what do you need to know before getting on the plane? In this post, you will find COVID-19 travel recommendations from Emirates and Singapore Airlines.

Traveling on long distance flights

According to Singapore Airlines and Emirates Airlines, travelers must take a health test 96 hours prior to traveling with both airlines. If you are traveling with Singapore Airlines you must undergo a electronic health declaration via the SG Arrival Card e-Services before proceeding with immigration clearance. You can find the test here.

Emirates Airline travelers from the below countries must take a negative COVID-19 test before flying with Emirates. All Emirates Airlines travelers must fill out this health declaration form.

In both Changi Airport and Dubai Airport, travelers are able to take a COVID-19 test upon arrival.

All travelers must wear a face mask at all time.

Transiting in Changi Airport

Singapore Airlines have made the following guideline for travelers transiting in Changi Airport. Make sure you read this before starting your journey.

Screenshot from Singapore Airlines. Find more information here

Transiting in Dubai Airport

All travelers who are flying with Emirates Airlines and have a connecting flight in Dubai Airport must wear a face mask at all times. Plus, it’s recommended for travelers to wear gloves. Upon arrival in Dubai Airport, you will pass through thermal scanners to verify you do not have a fever.

In the airport you must adhere to all social distancing regulations and you can get a free travel hygiene kit at the connections desk.

Arriving at your final destination

Upon arrival at your final destination, you must adhere to the country’s health regulation restrictions. Most countries demand that travelers undergo a COVID-19 test to prove a negative test before entering the country. This test is provided in the airport before you are exiting the airport.

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