Young Citizens of France between the aged 18 to 30 can apply for a four-month Russian working holiday visa in the Russian Federation.


Japanese Citizens have the unique opportunity to reside and work in Iceland for up to one year with this working holiday visa.

COVID-19 Update: Iceland will open their borders for international tourists on 15th June.


Visit and discover the rich culture in Bulgaria. Are you dreaming about the perfect beach resort for half the price of any Western European beach resort? Or are you keen on visiting some of the oldest cities of the Ottoman empire?

Then Bulgaria is the country for you!



Young Australians have the unique opportunity to travel and work in Greece for up to one year with this working holiday visa!

COVID-19 Update: Greece is opening their borders for international tourists on 1st July.


Colombia, Peru, Chile and Mexico has established the Pacific Alliance Group, which works as a free trade zone in between the countries plus it gives the 18-30 year olds from the countries an  opportunity to work and travel up to one year within the Alliance countries.


Young travellers from the listed participating countries are able to participate in the Youth Mobility Program to work and travel in Switzerland for up to one year!


Switzerland has temporarily reintroduced border controls, so non essentials travels to Switzerland is banned. You are not able to begin your working holiday visa at the moment.

On 13th May, the Swiss Authorities will send out an update about if they will continue with the temporarily border control.

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There is no Memorandum of Understanding between Lithuania and the passport countries relating to the working holiday visa. If you do wish to move to Lithuania and work we will advice you to apply for a work visa.