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2 thoughts on “Working Holiday Visa in Argentina”

  1. Hi Michael, your page is amazing!
    As an argentinian with a W/H Visa in Germany .. do you know if it’s possible to extend your visa for 1 more months for only travel purpose? (wouldn’t be working in that time)
    Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Hi Melisa, thanks for asking. If you’ve been in Germany for a year you could realistically approach German immigration and ask for a month extension to give you time to prepare an a new residence visa application. You would not be able to travel outside of Germany within this time but it’s better than heading home! I did this when transitioning from my Working Holiday visa to a Freelancer visa; which I never ended up applying for. Hope this helps! As always take as much documentation and supporting evidence of financial, accomodation, travel plans, etc.

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