Working Holiday Visa in Finland

About this visa

This visa allows young travelers to work and travel in Finland for one year.

Participating countries

Finland has made Working Holiday visa agreements with the following 2 participating countries:

If you are a Citizen of Finland and are considering a Working Holiday experience in one of the participating countries above, contact the Embassy of the country in question for more information.

With this visa you can

This visa allows you to:

  • Live in Finland for 12 months
  • Work in Finland for up to 12 months (conditions apply)
  • Visit other European countries within the Schengen Zone

Things to note

  • The visa processing fee is applicable for Citizens of Australia (400 EUR)
  • The processing fee is waived for Citizens of New Zealand
  • Private health insurance is required for Citizens of New Zealand for the duration of their stay
  • Australia and Finland have signed a reciprocal agreement on medical treatment waiving the private health insurance requirement for Citizens of Australia
  • There is no restriction on working conditions for Citizens of New Zealand
  • Citizens of Australia can work for a maximum of nine months during the twelve-month stay but only work for three months for a single employer


In order to obtain a Working Holiday visa for Finland, you must:

  • be a Citizen of Australia or New Zealand
  • be 18–30 years old
  • not bring any children with you
  • be in good health and of sound background (no criminal convictions)
  • have at least AUD $3,000 to support yourself during your stay in Finland
  • a return ticket or sufficient funds for purchasing it

Note: The visa conditions outlined above are subject to change without notice.

How to apply

  • Normal processing time: 2 months
  • Visa fee: 400 EUR

If you are currently residing in Australia or New Zealand the application must be submitted in person to the Embassy of Finland in Canberra, otherwise at the nearest Consulate of Finland.

The visa processing fee needs by credit or debit card to be paid to the Embassy or Consulate when the application is submitted. Cash, Diners Club and Amex cards are not accepted.

The immigration authority in Finland for processing Working Holiday visa's is

Go to:

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Here are additional links and resources related to the Working Holiday visa in Finland. All resources are in English unless otherwise stated.

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4 thoughts on “Working Holiday Visa in Finland”

  1. Hey there!

    I’m an Australian looking to apply for the Finnish working holiday visa. I’m living in China at the moment, and will only be in Australia for 2 weeks prior to my departure to Finland.

    Is it possible to apply for the Working Holiday Visa overseas?


    1. Hi Erin, thanks for asking. Due to the unique circumstances of you not currently residing in Australia you very likely can apply in-country on arrival to Finland; Germany does this by default for Australians but Scandinavian countries prefer you to go via their off-shore visa appication processor where possible (e.g. VFS Global).

      I strongly recommend you to call ahead to immigration in Finland before entering Finland as well as call the Australian Embassy/Consulate for Finland so that they’re aware of these circumstances and can make arrangements to support you. Have a great trip to Finland! 🙂

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