Working Holiday Visa in Estonia

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How to Apply for a Working Holiday Visa to Estonia

This working holiday visa allows young travelers to work and travel in Estonia for up to one year. Find out if you are from one of the participating countries to apply for this visa below. 


EU countries are starting to reopen their borders to international travelers. However, before heading off to Europe be sure to double check with the country's Embassy or Consulate in your home country as the EU countries are not legally bound to follow this new EU recommendation.

Participating countries

Estonia has made Working Holiday visa agreements with the following 5 participating countries:

If you are a Citizen of Estonia and are considering a Working Holiday experience in one of the participating countries above, contact the Embassy of the country in question for more information.

With this visa you can

This visa allows you to:

  • Live in Estonia for up to one year
  • work in any industry for up to 3 months for one employer
  • study for up to three months
  • participate in a training course for up to three months
  • Travel to other EU countries
  • Re-enter Estonia after travelling to other EU countries


  1. your primarily intention must be to have a holiday in Estonia and only get a job if needed.
  2. you must be aged between 18 and 30 years (35 years for Canadians) inclusive at the time of application for the visa
  3. not be accompanied by dependent children
  4. have not previously entered Estonia on a working holiday visa
  5. have a valid passport and a return travel ticket or sufficient funds with which to purchase such a ticket
  6. have reasonable funds for your maintenance during the period of initial stay in Estonia

Note: The visa conditions outlined above are subject to change without notice.

How to apply

  • Normal processing time: 2-3 weeks
  • Visa fee: 80 EUR

The first thing you will have to do when applying for the Working Holiday visa is to fill out the long term visa form.

Visa application form

Once it’s filled out you must hand it in at your local Estonian embassy.

The immigration authority in Estonia for processing Working Holiday visa's is Estonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Go to: Estonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Additional resources

Here are additional links and resources related to the Working Holiday visa in Estonia. All resources are in English unless otherwise stated.

Working Holiday Visa agreement between South Korea and Estonia

Working Holiday Visa Agreement between Japan and Estonia

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If you are seeking advice about Working Holiday visa's drop a comment below and we will be happy to answer any Working Holiday & Youth Mobility visa question you have! We are travellers too! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Working Holiday Visa in Estonia”

  1. Hey. Does exist any option for Mexican Chefs? We would like to visit Estonia and exchange culinary experiences.

  2. Is it possible to apply for the working holiday visa after youve already arrived in Estonia? Or is it mandatory to apply at an embassy or consulate? Asking for Canadian passport holder.

    Thank you.

  3. Does the Estonian Embassy in Berlin process Working Holiday Visas for travellers from Canada who are currently travelling around Europe and visiting in Germany?

    1. Hi Matt, only one way to find out. Give them a call and let us know how you go! Since you’re already in Europe it’s not a big ask and with some luck they will be very helpful. 🙂

  4. Hello, so i am currently an austrlian living in england, but i am interested in applying for an estonian working holiday visa, am i able to do this in the UK?

    1. Hi Elias, yes you can apply from outside of Australia just contact your local Estonian Consulate/Embassy and they’ll get the ball rolling. As you currently hold a valid EU residence visa you may be asked just to show up in Estonia and apply in-country with their immigration department when you move. Give them a call first 🙂

      Here’s the contact details for the visa department within the local Embassy of Estonia in the UK:

      Embassy of Estonia
      +44 20 7838 5388
      Phone availability: Monday 2 pm–5 pm, Tuesday to Friday 10 am–1 pm
      44 Queen’s Gate Terrace LONDON SW7 5PJ

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