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3 thoughts on “Working Holiday Visa in South Korea”

  1. Hello, I am South Korean and I made a contract written over EUR1,000 for my pay as a Full-Time employee. However, There is a requirement about the limited time and pay for working holiday visa. I remember I can work for three months as a Full-time employee with less than EUR 400 per month or mini job with the same amount money for twelve months. Am I right?

    In this case, is it possible to get a disadvantage if I extend or change my visa to working or spouse visa due to overtime and pay?

    Can I also work as a mini job after three months of a full-time internship?

    The company said that they received a confirmation e-mail from the Foreign Office that people who have working holiday visa can work without limitation with Full-time and over 10,000. I am confused about what is correct. Please make me clear and there would be the exceptional case or flexible situation based on contract.

    I would like to avoid any inconvenience situation for whatever reasons so it would be really appreciated if you answer my questions.


    1. Hi Jin, what European country are you wanting to work in as each European country has it’s own rules regarding Working Holiday visa’s? I’d be happy to assist further, also, what is your age?

      1. Hi, I’m at a similar situation. I’m South Korean, 24 years old, and have an internship opportunity in Berlin for 3 months that pays over 1000 EUR per month. Would I be allowed to take this internship with the working holiday visa since the maximum months I’m allowed to work full time is exactly 3 months in a year? Or is there a new regulation that limits to only 50 days full time work in a year? Thanks!

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